Popeyes Desserts Menu

Popeyes Desserts Menu in 2023

Popeyes Desserts Menu: As much as Popeyes is known for its chicken, Popeyes desserts are also popular.

Popeyes is an American fast-food restaurant chain. Popeyes has been providing excellent service since 1972.

Popeyes was founded by Al Copeland in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Popeyes Dessert Menu

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Restaurant Brands International owns Popeyes. Popeyes is now available at approximately 3,451 locations across America.

Popeyes food is a favourite of many. We also created Popeyes Menu Prices to make it easy for you to eat at Popeyes.

Popeyes dessert menu Cinnamon apple pie is always on the menu, but now there’s also chocolate beignets and raspberry cheesecake fried pie.

They are available in certain locations for a limited time only. Popeyes history is what gave birth to chocolate beignets.

Popeyes Desserts Menu Prices

Popeyes Desserts has Menu items like Cinnamon Apple Pie, Blackberry Cheese Cake Fried Pie And Popeyes Chocolate Beignet in United States.

Now, look at the Popeyes Dessert Menu Prices 2023, which has been updated.

Popeyes Desserts Prices
Popeyes Cinnamon Apple Pie $2.39
Popeyes Banana Cream Cake $2.49
Popeyes Chocolate Beignet $1.99
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Popeyes Desserts

Popeyes Desserts Menu Cinnamon Apple Pie is always on the menu, but now there are also Chocolate Beignets and Raspberry Cheesecake Fried Pie.

They are only available at some locations for a limited time. The history of Popeyes is what gave rise to the chocolate beignets.

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Popeyes Cinnamon Apple Pie

Popeyes Dessert Menu

  • Popeyes Cinnamon apple pie are warm, crisp on the outside, and soft and warm on the inside.
  • Popeyes Cinnamon apple pie Price – $2.39
  • Popeyes Cinnamon apple pie Calories – 236 Cal.

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Popeyes Banana Cream Cake

Popeyes Dessert Menu

Banana cream cake from Popeyes This dessert comes in a cup and is made of vanilla cake, whipped banana cream, and Nilla wafer pieces.

Popeyes Banana Cream Cake Price – $2.49

Popeyes Banana Cream Cake Calories – 300 Cal.

Popeyes Chocolate Beignet

Popeyes Dessert Menu

Popeyes Chocolate Beignets A warm, light pastry made in the style of New Orleans, with a milk chocolate filling and powdered sugar on top.

  • Popeyes Chocolate Beignet Price – $2.49
  • Popeyes Chocolate Beignet Calories – 420 Cal.

What is The Best Dessert at Popeyes?

That said, the cinnamon apple pie is the best dessert at Popeyes. It’s a perfect pocket with all the best parts of apple pie.

Inside is a not-too-sweet apple filling with even more cinnamon. The crust is warm and crispy and covered in cinnamon sugar.

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Popeyes Desserts Review


How to Order a Dessert From Popeyes

Do you want to order Popeyes Dessert online? If so, you have come to the right place. Everything is taken care of for you. To order food online from Popeyes, visit the Company’s official website.

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Try the iOS or Android app for a better ordering experience and order from your favorite Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant. This restaurant offers top online services.

You can buy food online on your mobile device from various delivery services like Doordash, Grubhub, UberEats, Postmates and Seamless.

About – Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Popeyes Dessert Menu

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen: Chicken on the Run is a New Orleans restaurant established in 1972 by Alvin C. Copeland Sr.

In fast food, Popeyes is undoubtedly the most well-known brand. In more than 46 states and 30 different countries as of 2015, it operates more than 3000 restaurants.

In the South and Southern Midwest, there were 500 franchise locations by the end of the following ten years, which saw the start of franchising. The business has more than 2000 outlets in the United States and Canada as of 2014.

It wasn’t a big success. Copeland shut down the eatery to update his recipe; he reopened a few months later with the spicy Cajun-style fried chicken for which Popeye’s became renowned.

Popeye’s is the only chain restaurant that serves high-quality fried chicken, which has always been one of America’s comfort meals.

Popeyes operates restaurants mainly in the United States, although there are also ones in Toronto, Canada, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Although they also provide fried seafood, they are famous for their juicy fried chicken. The “Bonafide Chicken” and the “Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box” are two highlights of their menu where customers may sample the best of New Orleans cuisine.

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FAQs – Popeyes Dessert

What kind of dessert do Popeyes have?

In the past, Popeyes has served desserts like Mardi Gras Cheesecake, pumpkin pie, and chocolate chip cookies, in addition to the cinnamon apple pie that is currently on the menu.

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What is the new dessert at Popeyes?

Chocolate Beignets are a classic New Orleans-style pastry filled with Hershey’s chocolate and topped with powdered sugar. They were first sold in 2020.

Starting Tuesday, August 9, 2022, you can get the new Banana Cream Cake and the fan favourite Chocolate Beignets at some Popeyes locations across the country for a limited time.

What kind of pies does Popeyes have?

The chain has a lot to offer, from strawberry to blueberry lemon, and now it’s adding a brand-new Blackberry Cheesecake Fried Pie.

The hand-held dessert has a crust that looks like a turnover and is deep-fried. On the inside, there is cheesecake, graham cracker crumbs, and blackberry pie filling.

Does Popeyes have cheesecake?

Popeye’s too-sweet cheesecake is a bitter disappointment when it is served right out of the fridge. I know it’s fast food with colourful sprinkles and the word “cake” in the job title, but I have no idea how sweet this baby is going to be.

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