Popeyes $5 Box

What is Popeyes $5 Box?

Popeyes $5 Box: The Popeyes $5 Big Box, which is also called the famous Popeye’s $5 Bonafide Big Box, is very popular because it always makes you feel full.

The meal in the box is a full-sized meal, so you won’t be hungry after eating everything in the box.

Popeyes menu has also a lot of variety and delicious dishes for your hungry tummy.

Popeyes is bringing back the $5 Big Box combo meal as a digital-only deal that can only be ordered through the Popeyes app or website.

Popeyes $5 Box

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The $5 Big Box is available at participating locations across the country for a limited time. It comes with your choice of two pieces of mixed fried chicken or three tenders, two regular-sized sides, and a biscuit.

The special can only be picked up, and it is not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands. It is only available in the lower 48 states.

What Comes in Popeyes $5 Box?

You’ll be amazed when you find out what’s in Popeye’s $5 Big Box. Popeye’s only charges $5 for a lot of food, which is exciting and good for your wallet. Here’s a list of what’s inside the box:

  • You can choose between the two things. You can either get two pieces of Popeye’s real fried chicken or three tenders that are made by hand.
  • Two signature sides are the next thing in the box. You can get coleslaw, fries, mashed potatoes, cheese fries, or garlic rice as a side dish.
  • And you get a biscuit made with buttermilk.
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All of these $5 items are great in terms of quality, amount, and variety. You can compare the $5 Big Box at Popeye’s to other restaurants’ meals.

For $5, you usually get a sandwich and an extra side, but at Popeye’s, you get a wider range of food.

You can choose which sides you want. The choice of sides depends on where the restaurant is, because different places may have different sides than the usual ones.

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Does Popeye’s have the $5 Box Right Now?

To satisfy your craving immediately, you should go to Popeye’s and get a Popeyes $5 Big Box. Popeye’s has gotten a lot of attention, and the different deals and Big Boxes have made it even more appealing.

In the following sections, we will not only explain what Popeye’s $5 big box is, but we will also tell you more about the different foods and deals that Popeye’s offers.

Popeye’s is an American fast-food chain known for its tasty fried chicken, chicken biscuits, and sandwiches. Popeye’s used to be called Popeye’s Famous Fried Chicken and Biscuits.

Now you can think that if you like chicken, Popeye’s is the place to satisfy your cravings.

What are the famous food Items of Popeyes?

Popeye’s has so many things that you won’t know where to start. It can be hard to determine how to choose the best things at the best prices.

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So, here are a few things you might want to buy if you want to save a little money.

Chicken Sandwich: Popeye’s is a popular place in the area to get a chicken sandwich. Popeye’s added chicken sandwiches to its menu to compete with Chick-fil-A.

On a brioche bun, the sandwiches are made with white meat dipped in buttermilk and then fried. It has mayonnaise, pickles, and a spicy spread to make it taste better.

Spicy Bonafide Chicken: You should lick your fingers as you eat every piece of this real chicken that is crispy and crunchy.

On the inside of the pieces, it is soft and tender. This would go well with honey or Popeye’s other special sides.

Chicken Waffle Tenders: The tender pieces of chicken will make your day. The dipping sauce makes the waffle with chicken taste even better. Honey maple dipping and chicken waffles go together like peanut butter and jelly.

French Fries: French fries are a key part of every meal. Popeye’s has crunchy French fries and good sauces to go with them.

$5 Bonafide Big Box:– This is the best deal at Popeye’s. You save money without having to cut back on how much food you eat. Popeye’s tries hard to come up with new and better big-box deals because they are so popular.

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What are the Other Boxes Offered by Popeye’s?

Popeye’s has a variety of boxes. These deals may be different in different places. Here are two of Popeye’s most popular boxes that you can get almost everywhere:

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Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box: Most of the time, this is for dinner. The box has 8 butterfly Shrimp, one regular side dish, a biscuit, and a dipping sauce.

This item costs $5. Isn’t it affordable? Also, if you choose the combo box and pay $7, you can add a drink to this meal.

Popeyes $10 Bigger Box: This is like the $5 Big Box, but it costs $10 instead of $5. This bigger box isn’t as popular as the $5 Big Box, but it still has some fans.

For $10, you can get a bigger box with six chicken tenders, two biscuits, two sides of your choice, and a dipping sauce. This box is called the $10 Tender Box, and you can only get it in certain places.

Popeyes $5 box Review

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