Migos Popeyes Menu

Migos Popeyes Menu

Migos Popeyes Menu: The American hip-hop group Migos and Popeyes have now collaborated on a new assortment of menu items.

Their orders at Popeyes, which are each given a different name, are the focus of the “Migos Menu.”

Migos Popeyes Menu

The Migos menu features a variety of side dishes, biscuits, and apple pies in addition to their devotion to Popeye’s famous chicken selections. And it’s now obvious that Migos’ affection for Popeye’s food is reciprocal.

The four options on the Migos Menu, one for each member of the group as well as their Tour Rider offer, are accessible countrywide and across Canada from December 6 through January 2.

Here is what is contained:

Tour Rider:

Twenty sauces, seven tenders, one gallon of lemonade, two huge fries, one giant mashed potato with gravy, and five biscuits. As low as $46.99 is available.

The Offset:

Eight BIC chicken meals, four biscuits, one large order of fries, and one large order of mashed potatoes with gravy. It is available for as little as $21.99.

The Quavo:

Two apple pies, two ordinary mashed potatoes with gravy, two regular fries, two small drinks, and two chicken sandwiches. It begins at $17.99 and is available.

The Takeoff:

One apple pie, two biscuits, one standard mashed potato, five tenders, and two sauces. It is available for as little as $9.99.

It’s no secret that Migos enjoy Popeyes. They mention it in their lyrics, they mention it in their tour itinerary, and Quavo even tried to charge $1,000 for Popeyes recently popular chicken sandwich, “declared the chicken restaurant company in a statement on Thursday.

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“They are now giving both their fans and those who adore Popeyes the chance to try each of their favourite Popeyes menu items.”

So, how do you order from the new Popeyes Migos Menu?

Throughout the month of December, you can only order Migos-inspired Popeyes Combos via UberEats. And everyone will find something to enjoy. The menu is displayed above.

Migos’ real-life tour itinerary includes Popeyes, along with a few other items

In 2017, Bossip published the hip-hop stars’ tour riders, or lists of requirements for performances. Migos had to eat Popeyes before going on stage.

In particular, they asked for two 30-piece orders of Popeye’s Bonafide chicken wings (one spicy and one mild), 20 Popeye’s biscuits, six orders of mashed potatoes with gravy, and six orders of large Cajun rice with gravy.

That’s not all, though. On the list were also two large bottles of Ciroc in mango and apple flavours, one box of Rice Krispies Treats, and three boxes of Fruit By The Foot.

New Migos Popeyes Menu – Video


FAQs – Migos Popeyes

How do Popeye’s treat their chickens?

Like other fast-food chains, Popeye’s wants to switch to chicken breeds that are better for animal welfare, which can be hard for the chicken industry because it is so efficient.

They’ve decided on different standards for where to get their chicken from. It promises to improve the lives of animals in a number of ways, such as giving them more places to live and getting rid of cages for broiler chickens.

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Why is Popeye’s Chicken so delicious?

Popeye’s chicken is the crispiest of all fried chicken, and it also has that special magic that we all hope for in fried chicken. The fact that Popeye’s chicken piece has both meat and bread may be a big part of why it’s such a great fast food dish.

The chicken is marinated for at least 12 hours. New Orleans is where the Cajun spice in Popeye’s chicken comes from. By using industrial strength and high-tech fryers, Popeye’s chicken is salted just right. This is why Popeye’s chicken is so tasty and makes you want to eat it right away.

Are Popeye’s mashed potatoes good?

The mashed potatoes at Popeye’s are probably not too heavy, are whipped, and go well with the gravy. You should try Popeye’s Mashed Potatoes with Cajun Gravy because it tastes so good and is different from other western mashed potatoes.

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